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Tutor Scam (Money Laundering)

As I've said again and again, if anyone who offers you a job where they want to send you a check and want you to wire part of the money to someone elsewhere, it's a scam. Every time. The check will bounce, and you'll be out the money that you wired. You could also get arrested for money laundering.

Someone brought this particular scammer to my attention. This person is claiming that he will be in the U.S.A soon and needs someone to tutor his son. This is a great example of a money laundering scam. There are many, many forms of it out there. DON'T FALL FOR ANY OF THEM! Anyway, here is our conversation:

Sarah: Hi, A friend of mine told me you were looking for a private tutor in the U.S. I live in Austin, is that acceptable? If the position is still open, please let me know. Thanks, Sarah

Mr Massimo Braeden: Hello Sarah,

Thank you for the email and resume ,Also want to thank you for seeking to help my son go through a intensive study . He is a boy of 14 yrs coming from Sweden,named Richard Frey. Jr, he is cute loving boy ready to learn . I would like to make a tutoring arrangement between you and my son for the month of September to October 2008, I would like you to tutor him within a period of 1 month, on a schedule basis of 1hr Daily, 3 times weekly, totaling 12 times in a month. I am willing to pay $65/hr. So i would like you to get back to me with the total amount for your services for these period of time in which you would be tutoring him. I would like to use these medium to inform you that my son dont live in the US, he would be flying from Sweden to States, I want you to teach him during his 1 month stay in States, if there is need to extend your services, an amendment would be made to your salary. The Local Library close to you would be your meeting place with him, he would be dropped off/picked up by his nanny during the hours of teaching Payment Terms & Status: You would be receiving a check drawn from a Bank in U.S, from my business associates in the United state, since i am from Sweden and payments wont be honoured in a bank in U.S, These check would be made out for the cost of the tutorial services you are rendering, and also for the living expense, nanny fees of my son. Regarding this- I hope i can trust you with these payments, as the payment would be made out in excess, so all you have to do is cash the payment, deduct your part for the services, and send the remainder to the Nanny who would be contacting you with futher arrangements and instructions regarding pickup/drop off of my son to the library where you would always teach him. So hope i can trust you that you will teach my son good academics and some moral respects so that they can be good to their self in the future, i hope i can count on you for the tutorial and the money to be sent to the Nanny. I look forward to read a detailed message from you containing the following information, if you are satisfied with my arrangements, terms and condition. please fill out the following details needed and including a brief description of your background in the body of the email and Please include the city you are applying from in the subject line of your email..


Thanks for your concern Mr Massimo Braeden Esq

Am I the only person who noticed he said September to October? Umm ... September is almost over! I'm not even going to bother pointing out all of the grammatical errors; there are too many!

Sarah: This sounds like the perfect arrangement, sir. Now, I have a question about these monies I would need to send to your business associates. Will I be sending them a check from my own back or would I need to wire the money? The reason I ask is because I should make sure I find a Western Union or similar company who can provide their service. I have tutored children in the past, and the local library is fine with me. Sarah

Mr Massimo Braeden: Thanks again for your reply,it is neccessary that i make it clear that the remaining fund will be sent via western union and not a check...so please fill out the neccessary information so we can proceed to the next stage..

Sarah: Mr. Braeden, Can you tell me the name of your bank where the check with be coming from? Also, can I have your contact information? I think perhaps we can better discuss this arrangement over the telephone. Can you also give the the address where I will need to Western Union the remaining funds so I can check with my local office to ensure they will complete the transaction? Thank you, Sarah

I haven't heard back yet ...

Let me point out that this guy never asked for references to ensure I'm not going to kidnap his kid. The "pay" really isn't even that good.

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