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Envelope Stuffing Scam

If you have ever seen ads for a job stuffing envelopes, you probably wondered if they were ads for a legitimate home business. These ads seem very convincing, and they do not usually throw up many (if any) red flags. For this reason, many people fall for this scam every day. This job opportunity is actually so convincing, I know of someone who has fallen for it three different times!

First, let me explain how the envelope stuffing scam works. Usually the victim sees an ad on the internet or in a newspaper. The ad will direct the person to visit a website or call a phone number to get more information. The person will be directed to pay a one-time fee to get a "starter package". The so-called company may claim that this fee is to make sure that you are really serious about the program. On the other hand, they may hint that you will be getting your materials to start work. The idea is to lead you to believe you will receive a box with envelopes and their intended contents.

The only thing that you will get in the mail is a letter telling you how to place more ads to get people involved in the scam. The only way you will make money is by stuffing envelopes with the same letter you just received. I am 100% sure there are people out there who are making thousands of dollars from unsuspecting victims who just want to make a little extra spending money for their families.

For example, if someone running this scam charges a $29.99 fee for materials, how much money would they make if they managed to scam three people every day Monday thru Saturday? This person would bring in more than $28,000 a year! I hope all that money is worth losing their sense of dignity.

If you really want to work stuffing envelopes, you might actually be able to find legitimate work, but it is not easy. Big companies who need to put fliers, letters and the like into envelopes usually have a machine to do this for them. However, small businesses such as churches, city offices, local insurance offices and such do this by hand. You may have some luck if you place an ad in your local newspaper offering such a service. When you are pitching your services to local businesses, make sure to point out how you can save them time and money.

Envelope Stuffing Scam

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