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Work at Home Scams to Avoid

I know of people who have lost hundreds, even thousands of dollars to scam artists since they began working from home. It doesn't have to be this way. If you do nothing else with this site, I hope you share this page with others so that hopefully fewer people's money will end up lining the pockets of scammers. If you are considering a work at home job, but are unsure whether it is legitimate or not, please read this article. -- Tips on how to Avoid Work at Home Scams

I would like to mention that not all of the scams listed below relate to fake "business opportunities", but other ways people try to scam you out of your money. Also, please bookmark this page as I will be making additions as often as I can.

First, if you have not already read my article about one of the most common scams out there, please do. Here is the link to the most common scam article. You can actually get arrested for getting tangled up in that one.

Scam Warnings

J.P. Morgan Scam Email ...First and foremost, let me make it abundantly clear that I am not saying that there is anything scammy or fishy about the REAL J.P. Morgan company. This scam that I am warning you about here is a prime example of how scammers use the names of real, legitimate, widely known and trusted companies to gain your trust...

Facco Group Ltd. Scam Email ...I received this email in my spam folder this morning. As far as I can tell, there may be a legitimate company named Facco Group Ltd. However, this email DID NOT come from them...

Learn About the Envelope Stuffing Scam " ... If you have ever seen ads for a job stuffing envelopes, you probably wondered if it was legitimate. ... This job opportunity is so convincing, I know of someone who has fallen for it three different times ... "

Watch Out For WAH Companies Who Spam or Seem Too-Good-To-Be-True - ...I get spam in my email in box all the time, in addition to seeing ads all over the Internet. I know that many of you certainly see these same emails and ads and you may be wondering which ones (if any) are legitimate...

Financial Procurement, Inc. - Have you ever come across a website/job that seemed very legit but didn't know how to research the company or which red flags to look out for? I have an example for you that I hope will help.

Computer Dynamics & John Terry - I believe this is a scam. First of all, it is extremely rare to get paid $40 an hour working from home unless you have some extremely specialized education, etc. What I suspect a person would be doing with this "company" is handling stolen and/or illegal items and would be breaking several laws...

Romance Scam - I investigate scams on a regular basis, so I was surprised to find one that I hadn't heard of before. I'm talking about the Romance Scam. This scam shouldn't have surprised me since I know that scammers will use anything to try to steal money from their victims. It doesn't matter what your situation is, they will try to use it to their advantage.

For Sale Scam Ads - This scam is not a work at home type scam, but it's still worth watching out for. Scammers sometimes advertise something for sale. Once you start talking to them, they usually tell you that you need to wire some money for some sort of fee, such as shipping ...

Scam Job Ads Using Real Company Names - Lately, I've noticed a new trend among scam job listings. Since most of the general public is getting smarter when it comes to looking out for scams when they're looking for a work at home job, scammers decided they need to get smarter too! Some of these fake companies are fraudulently using the names of real companies ...

Consorcium Email Scam - I got this email in my website's email inbox this morning. Following is the body of the message: Your internet access is going to get suspended The Internet Service Provider Consorcium...

Free ATM Card Scam Email - Read an email I received telling me that I've been selected to receive an ATM card worth over 6 million dollars. Too bad they made the mistake of saying the email is coming from the "Office of the Senate". Everyone knows the Senate doesn't go around giving millions of dollars to random people!

Inheritance Scam Email - Read an email I got trying to suck me into an inheritance scam. This is another form of the money laundering scam; they're trying to make me believe that I've inherited millions of dollars from some person that isn't even a relative. What?

Money Laundering Scam - Read my conversation with one of these scammers. He actually thinks I'm stupid enough to fall for it! Like I'm going to accept a hot check and wire a bunch of my own cash back to him where I can never get it back. Ha!

E-Mail Greeting Card Scam - Beware of any e-mails you receive that say you have received a greeting card from a family member, friend, class mate, etc. Some may even have a name attached. Read more about this email to avoid.

Threat and Extortion Scams - I know quite a few people who have already seen this attempt at a scam come through their e-mail inboxes, and it's a new one that I hadn't seen before so I thought I would give you a heads up. I have seen a few different versions, but basically the e-mail is to tell you that someone has paid to have you killed.

E-Mail Phishing - Phishing is a scam that is meant to steal your identity, usually to gain access to your finances, whether that be your bank account or your credit. Visit this page to learn more about phishing and to see an example phishing email.

Jury Duty Scam

I'm sure that most of you are aware of the trouble you can get into for missing your jury duty. And nobody wants to be arrested right?! Scammers are fully aware of this and will prey on it. In the jury duty scam, someone will call you pretending to be an employee or some official from your local court offices claming that a warrant has been issued for your arrest since you missed jury duty. Then, they ask for private information so that they may "confirm" that they are really talking to you. Often, out of desperation and hopeful that the person on the phone has you mixed up with someone else the victim rattles off their driver's license number, social security number, birth date, address, and sometimes even give away their credit card numbers!

Here is what I recommend that you do: Tell them to buzz off, or if you have the time insist you will call them back the next day and ask for their name and number. I would be interested to know what they say! If they actually give you a phone number turn it over to the police. No matter what you DO say to them, DO NOT hand over any personal information whatsoever.

Anything Asking for Money

I have seen hundreds of job offers/opportunities that ask for a small fee for their "training materials" "software" etc. Sometimes these will even show up in Google ads that you see on many sites all over the internet. No matter how tempting it looks, please do not ever pay money to get a job, even if it's only $5! If it really looks like a great deal and you are tempted, post at a public forum, like mine, or www.wahm.com/forum and ask others what they think. Sometimes when we are so desperate for money or to find a real work at home job we are too trusting. The internet is saturated with these scams, but they would go away if people would stop handing them money!

Credit Card Scam

This scam is a new one to me. In this case, the scammer already has your credit card number, but what they want is the last three numbers on the back of the card so that they can use your information to order goods online. They will call pretending to be from Mastercard, Visa, or some other credit card company. I looked it up on Snopes to check it out; and they say it's true. They also can explain it better than I can; and since I don't want to plagarize, here is the link so you can read it for yourself - Snopes article about this scam. Don't ever give someone you don't know ANY of your personal information.

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