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For Sale Ad Scams

This scam is not a work at home type scam, but it's still worth watching out for. Scammers sometimes advertise something for sale. Once you start talking to them, they usually tell you that you need to wire some money for some sort of fee, such as shipping. I responded to an ad that I knew was a scam because a friend of mine nearly got sucked into it. This ad for a puppy was on a reputable advertising website. I saved all of our emails back and forth. The scammers messages are in black, mine are in blue. My comments that are just for you are in red. I have left out the name and address that I used so that I can use them again in the future. I have also left out the names the scammers used.

Hello, Where is this dog located? I live in *state*, so I wasn't sure if you offer shipping ... Thanks, *my fake name*

Hello *my fake name*, Thanks for the inquiry in regards of the puppy boy Lucas.he is still available and up for adoption. Lucas is 12 weeks old very healthy with a great personality and lot of skills.He is home raised and kid friendly & also gets along well with other pets. He has been vet examined,AKC registered,potty trained and current on all his shots.He will be very healthy at maturity when fully grown.Lucas is very obedient and has been trained to walk on leash during the day when he intends to go out for a walk.He weights 2lbs and when he is fully grown he expected to weight about 4LBS He is now available and ready for adoption.We look forward only to a caring home where he can be spoil rotten.We loved this boy so badly and giving him out for adoption is due to the fact that we could no longer give him all the care he deserves from us. We would like to let you know why we want to get rid of him. My wife and i are missionaries and we recently relocated from the State to Cameroon Ahhhhh, they're in Africa; just like I thought. The majority of money laundering scams originate from this country. for an evangelical tour that will last for about three months and we took along our baby puppy with us just for companionship since he is our only child. Our mission and tour here could not give us enough time to take care of him and we look forward to give him out for an adoption fee of $300.00.He is ready with all hIS records and toys.He is going to come along with a one year health guarantee certificate.we will be shipping Lucas from here so we will be needing the following infomations from you.

Full names?

Home address?

Closest airport to your location.Permit us asked you some few questions.Uhhhh....what?

1.Have you lived with Maltese before? 2.Do you have kids and other pets? 3.If you adopt him are you going to treat him like your own child.

Scammer 1 and 2

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. The closest airport to me is in *fake city and state*. I have not had a Maltese, but I do have older children who are good with animals. We don't have any other pets, so I'm sure he would be very spoiled! We cannot have any more children, so we would probably treat him like a baby. Is there a shipping fee? Will anyone accompany him back to the U.S. or will he travel alone? Thanks, *my fake name*

I hadn't heard back in a day or so, so I decided to email them again ...

I haven't heard from you, so I was wondering if you still have Lucas? If you have already found him a new home, please let me know. Thanks, *my fake name*

Thank you for the mail.Your home sounds perfect for our baby,we have been praying to get the best of home for Lucas because we dont want him to surfer into any home.We love this guy that we sleep in thesame bed with him and we hope that you are going to make him happy.Lucas is such a boy with great personalities and he is going to make up a wonderful addition into you family.Lucas will becoming along side with all his papers and some playing toys..What we need from you now is your shipping informations that is your full names,address and the closest airport to you. Once we confirm payment from you we are going to make shipping arrangement then get back to you with the full flight details (Flight Schedule) and pick up informations (what you will need to pick him up at your location).

As concern you will first make an initial deposit of $180 now and we are going to make shipping arrangement and put the baby on flight and you will sent the rest of the money upon arrival of the baby at your location.

Attached are some pictures of lucas for you to see They did attach some pictures; probably obtained from the internet. Thank you God Bless

*Scammer 1 and 2*

My full name is *Fake Name* Address is


Town, ST 12345

Don't worry, I made sure this address doesn't exist and nobody by this name resides in the town I provided. They didn't even notice!

As stated before, the closest airport to me is in *fake city/state*. Can I have your address so that I can mail you a check? Thanks, *fake name spelled wrong*I spelled my fake name wrong here, and didn't notice it until just now. When they replied, they spelled it wrong also.

Hi *fake name spelled wrong*, Thank you for the informations,you are going to make payment via westernunion Let me just jump in here and mention that you should NEVER wire money to Africa or any other country unless you know it's for a close family member, like your Mom. I knew Western Union would enter the conversation sooner or later ... money transfer because it is easy fast and close to us,i can easily get the money and drive straight to the shipping agency and put the baby on flight then get back to you with the flight informations.You are going to make the deposit using my our details below....

Names........*Scammer Name*

Address......765 Canary ave APT 44


State..........Litorial Country.......Cameroon

Zip code....00237

Phone number..+237-745-738-46 using a long distance call card.

When you are done with payment get back to me with the 10digit money transfer controle number (MTCN) and the full senders name.You will be ask a test question and Answer let it be..question...for who Answer.......Lucas

Before you make any payment,please keep to your promises of taking very good care of the baby abd when you receive him and confirm dont fail to send us the balance.

Thank you Stay blessed

Scammer 1 and 2

Scammer 1, I can't make a western union payment to you. Because of all the scammers out there, our local western union doesn't allow payments to Africa unless it's to family. Can you believe people actually scam people out of their money using western union? It's because the victims won't be able to get their money back. Can I mail you a money order or cashiers check instead? I could even mail cash in an envelope with signature confirmation. Would that be acceptable? I'm so excited to get Lucas, he sounds like the perfect addition to our family! *my fake name spelled correctly*

I could understand your point and how others have make it impossible to trust one another. Using a postal service is okay by me but that would take longer time for maturity and deliverance of the money.You can dothe payment with Money gram money transfer using thesame details and when you are done,get back to me with the senders full name and 8 digit reference number. Thank you

I can't use money gram either. So you say mailing a personal check is OK? *my fake name*

After this, they never replied. I may try sending one more message back to see what they have to say next. Interesting how they don't even want to do business if I do something so STUPID as to mail cash isn't it? They are determined to have it wired. Odd, huh?

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