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Protect Your Privacy While Working at Home

Jobs for at home moms allow the freedom to spend more time with the family while still earning an income. At the same time, these moms should take steps to protect the privacy and security of that family while working at home. In today's generation, with internet stalkers and information harvesters, security and privacy are more important than ever, especially with working online. You should always be able to feel safe, secure and peaceful when you are in your home.

Mail - Never have business mail sent to your home address. Pay for a private mail box, such as a post office box. Some companies who provide shipping services also rent private mail boxes. For added security, you can get a post office box or other private mail box in a different zip code. The downside to a post office box is that you still have to provide your home address when you sign up to rent the box. One benefit to a private mail box from a shipping service is that you will have an address that looks like a real street address.

Email - Use a separate email address for professional communication. You can even get a free email address for this purpose. As with your personal phone number, never give your personal email address to an employee, potential employee, customer or other business associates.

Telephone - Always have a separate phone line that is used exclusively for your work at home job. Make sure that this number is either unlisted, or if it must be listed, make sure the address isn't included in the listing. This is especially important to when registering a business telephone line. With these listings, you will usually automatically receive both yellow page and white page listings. Ask the telephone company not to print your address with these listings.Remember not to give out your personal phone number to anyone associated with your work at home job or business. If you absolutely cannot get a separate telephone line for your business and you will only be making outgoing calls, ask your telephone company how you can get your phone number blocked from showing up on another person's Caller ID. Sometimes it's as simple as dialing *67 before each number you dial. In addition, be aware that any 1-800 number you call will capture your phone number. To keep this from happening with your personal number, call 1-800 numbers with your fax machine. That way, if they try to call you back they will reach the fax machine.

Meetings - Make it a rule to never hold business meetings in your home. If you need to meet with a a large number of people, you can rent a meeting room from a local motel. If you are meeting a smaller number of people and/or don't have the money in your budget to afford a hotel meeting room, consider meeting in places such as restaurants or coffee shops.

If you follow the above steps to protect your privacy while working at home, you should not have to worry about people coming to your home, calling your personal phone or otherwise interfering with your family's private time when you aren't working.

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