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PeopleString.com Review

Today I heard about a website called PeopleString. The thing that interested me most was the claim that you can receive promotional mail and advertisements in your mailbox and make money from this. After seeing another woman's proof of payment (they pay by PayPal) I decided to try it out.

I signed up today (9/29/09). First, you need to register. I had a few cents in my account when I first logged in. After that, I answered the 30 question survey about myself and my habits/interests. That gave me another $1.50. Now, I'm supposed to wait until I receive a postcard in the mail so they can verify my address. When I have more to report about PeopleString, I'll post it here (scroll down)! Click on the ad below to sign up under me and try making money with PeopleString.

Update 11/2/09 I received my postcard in the mail about 2 weeks ago. I forgot to let you know. Sorry! I entered the code on the card and earned $1.50. I'm up to $2.14 so far. According to the website, I should receive some mail in the next few days.

Update 11/9/09 I got another postcard with a code on it. I followed the instructions on the People String Website for 10 available "deals" and now my earnings are up to $4.74. I earned an extra $2.60 for just a few minutes worth of work. It will be interesting too see how long it takes me to reach payout!

Update 12/8/09 On 12/2/09, I was credited an additional $.17 for "September Search and Ad", whatever that means. That brought my balance up to $4.91! Today I also checked to see if I had any available ads, and I did. I earned another $.75, bringing my balance up to $5.66.

Update 1/10/10 I made another 6 cents today, bringing up my total balance up to $5.72. I noticed I have some other offers that would pay me for applying for credit card offers IF I was approved. I'm not going to complete these because I don't need another credit card and I don't want a hard pull on my credit report. However, this might be a good opportunity for someone who's in the market for a new credit card anyway.

Update 11/17/10 I logged into PeopleString today. Nothing but a bunch of offers that will never lead to anything but a bunch of spam anyway. Also, my current earnings has magically went down to $0! But I never received any money. Odd, huh? I'm done with PeopleString. What a waste of time.

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