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The Work at Home Parent - Managing Your Time and Children

Working at home with children underfoot is not always easy. Children often do not understand why they have to wait 15 minutes for their snack or why you cannot take them to the pool EVERY day of the week. Children also seem to have an uncanny knack for coming into your office to talk, whine, ask or nag the second you become focused and productive.

Some moms have a difficult time with this situation because the reason they chose working at home was so that they would not have to put the children in daycare. These moms want to be able to be there for their children while still making some extra money for the family. Some moms make a full time income or even support their entire family themselves with their work at home job. When looking for a work at home job, many moms envision themselves working while the children quietly entertain themselves. Unfortunately, this is not usually reality. With the children at home and underfoot, focusing on work is not always possible.

There are a few options that you may not have considered. First, think about all the moms you know who have children in the same age ranges at your own. Talk to these moms and find out if they would like to exchange play dates. This way, when your child is out of the house playing with a friend, you are both happy. In addition, you will be likely to get more work done when the house is quiet, thereby leaving some extra time to spend with the kids when they get home. When it's your turn to host other children at your house, it will be a great excuse to come up with something fun and creative to do with the kids.

A second option is hiring a mommy's helper. A mommy's helper can be a young teen, an older teen or a college student who needs a little extra spending money. The mommy's helper will be there for a few hours a day to entertain the kids and get their drinks and snacks while you focus on work. Again, the children will be kept happy and you will be able to concentrate. While hiring a mommy's helper is obviously going to cost you a little bit of money, you will feel good knowing that your child is still in the same house in case an emergency should arise.

Finally, consider whether your spouse might be able to help you out or not. Some moms are able to get some small tasks such as answering emails done in the morning and evening while their husband gets the kids ready for the day and then ready for bed.

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