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We would like to share a couple of things with you. First, some absolutely great products, and also a Global direct selling opportunity from home. This direct selling opportunity is great for stay home moms and parents alike. We are all starting to realize the importance of nutrition today, and the health effects of the foods we consume on a daily basis.

With our busy schedules, it is not easy to eat properly, or the proper amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables our bodies require on a daily basis to stay healthy. The fast food chains on every street corner making it convenient for busy families to gain access to a quick inexpensive meal aren't helping the situation. That processed food is so bad for our bodies. We have the solution and an opportunity for a work from home based business.

We have products that are convenient to use, and will cover all nutritional bases for family members of all ages, at a fraction of the cost. When you consume 4 oz a day of our all natural nutritional beverages, you will get the equivalent of 13 servings plus a day of fruits and vegetables. The MX consists of 19 fruits & 11 vegetables which is 30 fruits & vegetables in one bottle. These will provide you with daily vitamins in liquid form for quick absorption for men, women and children. When used as an all natural weight loss meal replacement, this product will replace 2 meals a day, saving money on groceries and snacks. Our all natural energy drinks are great for the athletes in the family, or when you just need a quick afternoon boost of long lasting energy, without a crash or all those bad ingredients. The best part is consuming these products free, for you and your family while earning an at home income sharing them.

We recommend consuming the products for a month to see first hand for yourself the benefits of these all natural products. We help build a successful home business with all who are interested with total continuous support. We will also help you to get started if you are just looking to consume the products.

To purchase Monavie Juice products or find out more about the business opportunity, please visit the website or call David & Eve directly.

Monavie Juice Guys

OR~ You can call David and Eve at the following numbers:

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