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How to Juggle Multiple Work at Home Jobs

Thankfully, there are many different types of jobs that you can do from home. Some of these are full time career-type jobs, but there are many more part-time gigs, such as blogging. For this reason, many people who work at home hold more than one work at home job to make ends meet. Sometimes, juggling multiple work at home jobs can be daunting. Read on to learn how to make it work!

Be careful not to overload yourself. When working from home, it's smart to "have more than one egg". In other words, you probably want to have more than one source of income. That said, keep only as many jobs as you can handle. If you have too many jobs, you are likely to miss deadlines and produce low-quality work. You are also more likely to experience job dissatisfaction, which is no fun!

Makes lists of the things you need to get done. Mark deadlines on your calendar so that you won't miss any. From the deadlines, you can then make "mini-deadlines", or daily lists of tasks to accomplish. This way, you will work more efficiently than if you tried to do everything at once with no daily goals in mind.

Remember to prioritize. Make sure that you complete the most important and profitable work first. Other tasks can be moved to the bottom of your list, especially those that don't have deadlines. Prioritizing will also allow you to do the most important work when your mind is fresher and most efficient.

Always keep a notepad with you, even when you're away from home. This way, if you come up with a great idea or remember something you need to do, you can write it down. It's very frustrating to lose a good idea or forget to do something important for your job. Alternatively, you can keep an empty computer document open or a cork board on the wall near your work station for recording these little reminders.

Glean help from family. This can apply to your work or to chores around the house. For example, if you are brainstorming for ideas for a new article to write, ask your spouse for help. Also, make sure that your children are doing their part to help you around the house.

Make work fun! If it doesn't distract you, you can play some good music to keep your mood upbeat. If you have a job that is pretty automated, like data entry, listen to your favorite talk show while you work to make the time fly. You can also listen to books on CD while you work. Treat yourself to a favorite snack during a break as a reward for working so hard.

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