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J.P. Morgan Investment Proposal Scam

First and foremost, let me make it abundantly clear that I am not saying that there is anything scammy or fishy about the REAL J.P. Morgan company. This scam that I am warning you about here is a prime example of how scammers use the names of real, legitimate, widely known and trusted companies to gain your trust.

Today I received the following email:

J.P. Morgan Asset Management UK
20 Finsbury Street Islington, Greater
London EC2Y 9, United Kingdom
Tel: +44-703-594-5729
Tel: +44-704-205-2482
Fax: +44-871-263-8336

Good day,

I am Mark Wayne a financial consultant with J.P. Morgan Asset Management UK; a
business developer, stock broking and portfolio Management Company based in
the United Kingdom. I went through your profile and I will like to develop
a business partnership with you, one of the clients in my portfolio will be
interested in investing Sixty Million British Pounds under your care.

The reason why we have contacted you is because the investor/my client is
specially interested to invest in your country and we were directed to
contact you, I will like to keep the detail short for now. If you are
interested, kindly get back to me through my email address listed below, Do
not forget to include your direct cell phone number and the best time to
call you in your reply, I will ring you to discuss the modality and other
details once i get a reply from you.

I am looking forward to your response and working with you on this Investment

Yours Faithfully
Mark Wayne
Web Site: www.jpmorganassetmanagement.co.uk

At first glance, there are many things about this email that make it seem legit. For example, the address the give is indeed the address for J.P. Morgan Asset Management according to Google Maps. In addition, the link they give really goes bring you to the J.P. Morgan website. However, if you Google the phone numbers, they are associated with other known scams as well.

Let me point out a few other things. The domain for the email address this email came from matches the domain of this website. Please tell me, how does that make sense? The name in the email header was Steven Rossi, the name on the email address was Neil, and the name in the email was Mark Wayne. This person can't get their identity straight, I guess.

Next, I looked up this email address and found it linked with a LinkedIn profile from a man who was interested in helping someone else with something about gas and emissions or something along those lines. The phone number he gave to reach him matches the real AutoCal phone number! Why on earth would someone with an AutoCal address claim they are from J.P. Morgan? I'm thinking the email didn't really come from an AutoCal address at all, and the person sending the email is trying to use the identity of someone who really works at AutoCal.

My final point is this: I am a tiny company. It's just Me, Myself, and I working here. My website and business is worth at most a few thousand dollars as it is. Why on earth would J.P. Morgan want to invest with me? And even if they did, I doubt they go around sending emails to random people when they ARE looking for companies to invest in. I'm sure they get together and have very professional meetings and such.

If you get an email like this one, don't take it seriously and don't reply to it. Here is a page from J.P. Morgan about scams. <<< Go back to

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