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Since you're here, I'm assuming that you're looking for ways to make extra money from home. There are quite a few in this list. On this page, you're mostly going to find ways to supplement your income, or just making a little spending money. Christmas, anyone?

Courthouse Researching/Verifying - Work as a Courthouse Researcher/Verifier gathering public records from your local courthouse and entering the information needed on your computer. The information needed often included criminal records, and civil judgement and lien searches. Verifiers will verify employment, references and education.

Forum Posting - There are, as I'm sure you have noticed, many forums and discussion boards on the internet. Sometimes, when the forum owner notices that the board needs more activity, they will get in touch with a company specialized to help them with this. The company hires people who are interested in and enjoy posting on forums. Pay for this is usually between $.08 and $.20 per post.

Product Testing - Product testing is much like surveys, but instead of just answering questions (usually after only viewing a picture, watching a commericial, or listening to an audio file) you get to try out a product (free!) and tell the company what you thought about it.

Put ads on your car. - Believe it or not, you can get paid to put ads on your car, anywhere from free gas on up to a free car to drive for 2 years! If you live in a large town, and drive at least 1000 miles a month; this might be worth looking into!

Surveys - When a company is looking to make a new product, or enhance one already on the market, they often want shopper's opinions on that product. This way, they can cater to shopper's wants and needs. They are willing to pay for those opinions. Sometimes, they are looking for opinions on other things, like a particular brand name, commercials, the look of a store, etc. Taking surveys like these can be very interesting, and earn a little pocket change in the process.

Sell Your Photos/Images - There are quite a few websites on the internet that allow you to upload your photos and images in order to sell them to other people to use them, usually royalty free. The amount per photo that you can earn varies by company, but this can be a fantastic way to earn some extra money for photographers!

Be a Mock Juror - Sometimes lawyers will pay people to be mock jurors to evaluate an upcoming trial to get an idea of how things may work (or not) when the case goes to trial in a real courtroom. You still have to keep any and all details of any cases that you evaluate secret. This should not be considered a steady stream of income, you may sign up and never get a case; or you may get a few per month. It largely depends on where you live. However, they pay can be great, and the cases very interesting.

Mystery Shopping - People who pose as ordinary members of the public collect information about the performance of a particular retail outlet or other business. They are usually compensated for their time with cash, free product, product discounts, etc. Companies use mystery shoppers to make sure that a business is being run correctly and that employees are doing their job in the same way.

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