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Financial Procurement, Inc.

Have you ever come across a website/job that seemed very legit but didn't know how to research the company or which red flags to look out for? I have an example for you that I hope will help.

I can't remember where I found out about this company, but I found the link to their website. They say they're looking for people to print and mail out checks. I thought that sounded fishy, so I decided to do more research.

First, I look at the site. The first red flag I saw was that they use a ymail email account in addition to their other email account. Second, I looked up the domain registration for the site, but I couldn't find one. So, I took part of the web address - iwarp.com and entered it in my search bar. It's a web hosting site where you can get free web hosting and paid web hosting. I think they must have free web hosting because the iwarp.com is part of their website address. I came to this conclusion because I know that if you get free web hosting through Geocities, then "geocities" will be part of your site's address!

Next, I decided to do a search for their contact information. I Googled their phone number first. I found this result on RipoffReport.com. Apparently, this phone number has been associated with a scam in the past! I then looked up the phone number - 1 866-535-3117 - on whitepages.com. They didn't have a result for it. This means that the phone number is probably a cell phone - red flag! Usually, even if a number is a unlisted landline, whitepages.com will say so. Next, I entered their contact address - 11812 N. 470 St., Casey, IL 62420 - in the reverse lookup form on whitepages.com. Surprise surprise! It came up with no listing again. So, I deleted the number, leaving the street name. It still came up with no result. I deleted the "N" and searched again - still no result. I tried it all again using Google Maps, still couldn't find the street. So, I can only assume Casey, IL doesn't have a N. 470 St AT ALL.

Next, I emailed the guy (he says his name is Mike) and asked about the position. I changed the color of the obvious spelling and grammatical errors to red. Now, I'm not perfect, but I would expect someone of a professional magtitude to not make so many errors. Here is what happened:

Sarah: I was hoping to obtain more information about the job position you're offering. I have much information working from home with reputable companies. Thanks, Sarah

Please notice that the second sentence makes no sense. I should have said "I have much experience working from home with reputable companies." He never noticed the mistake.

Mike: Hello Sarah, Thanks for the interest and the email,__do you have any experience in check printing and mailing for bill managements. And_do you have a check writing program or software and a laser/inkjet printer?? Why are all these required??? Part of this job tasks is handling of bill payments for different organisations and mostly the accrued bills are settled via check, that we need to print and mail out. Other tasks are monitoring of Income/Revenue from all sources and managing the financial affairs of 40-60 clients span. Brief verbal training will be given if need be. Write back and let me know if there's anything more you would like to know and feel free to visit__our under construction website www.FPInc.iwarp.com_we have few informations availabe on our different services offered. We look forward to you joining the team. NOTE: This is a work at home position. Best Regards,

Sarah: This sounds very exciting Mike. I do have all of the software and other things needed as my husband owns a business. Can you tell me more about what I will be doing? Sarah

Mike: Hello Sarah, thanks for writing back again. My company manage billing accounts for different organisations. That means i am responsible in paying bills accrued by the business ventures under my canopy. You duties will be printing and writing checks for these bills and mailing them out. Each bill check are drawn from corresponding organisation's checking account, information for this i will be providing to you, alongside with payee information. Mailing expenses goes on my account. Thats the summary of your duties. Let me know if there's anything else you would like to find out more.

Sarah: Mike, This jobs sounds perfect for me. What do I need to do next? Sarah

Mike: Hello Sarah, how is your weekend going??? Well to get started with this job, you will need to have your possession, a laser/injket printer, check writing software and a thousand blank check stock of single business check, standard size. Color can be any you find suitable. Thats it.

He finally sent me an employment application. The application had the name of a company - Wuxi Lifeng Pump Industry Co. Ltd. I am currently trying to get in touch with that company to ascertain whether they have contracted with Financial Procurement, Inc. for billing procedures.

We'll see what happens next. I would like to make a point here. There are many red flags here. Too many things didn't add up. If you ever research a company and come along even ONE red flag, I would recommend that you steer clear! They may be legit, but I always say it's better to stay safe. If you come across a company you would like me to research as I did with this one, please let me know! You can email me at sarah@homejobsformom.com

I have an update for you about this company. I know a woman who claims she went further in this process than I did. She says that Mike gave her the information to put on the checks and some addresses to send the checks to. She called some of the companies involved and they confirmed that someone was illegally writing checks against their account. Hmmmmmmm.....

Update!!! 1/12/09 I got an email from someone today about this "company" that I thought I should post for you. --

Financial Procurement, Inc. - Do not work for him! Tell your readers Mike Dillard has now changed the name of the company on the web-site to Finanziell Procurement Inc. and he will advertise on craigslist for help. I also wanted to tell you that the reason for the grammer errors is I do not believe he is in the United States. I believe he might be in the U.K.

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