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Scam Companies Using Real Business Names

Lately, I've noticed a new trend among scam job listings. Since most of the general public is getting smarter when it comes to looking out for scams when they're looking for a work at home job, scammers decided they need to get smarter too!

Some of these fake companies are fraudulently using the names of real companies. I've seen Dell, Ashley Furniture, Simplot, Toshiba, IBM, Bank of America and Microsoft used in fake job ads. I'm sure that other companies names are being used to lure people in as well, so be careful. These ads have popped up on Craigslist, in addition to other job websites such as Monster.

Avoid these scams by looking out for a few red flags. Usually, they will claim that you don't need previous experience. They may tell you that paid training is available. An established company usually requires some type of education or previous experience in a relevant field.

Second, the pay structure will probably seem too good to be true. For example, it's highly unlikely that you're going to get paid $20 or $30 dollars an hour for a job that you don't need experience or specialized education to perform. Usually, legitimate companies pay entry level workers between $8 and $12 per hour.

You may also notice spelling and grammatical errors that a reputable company just wouldn't use. The reason for this is that many of these scams originate from companies such as Africa, where English is a second language for most people.

Many times (although not EVERY time) these jobs involve mailing packages, receiving and sending money, printing checks or other suspicious activities. Usually, these activities are highly illegal and could get you in trouble and/or lose some of your own money, which is reason enough to steer clear.

If you come across a scam job ad like the ones I've described here, contact the real company and ask if the job posting is legitimate. For example, if you see a suspicious job ad from "Microsoft" for example, go to www.microsoft.com and look up their contact information. Give them a call or send them an email and describe in detail the ad you saw and where you found it. If the ad is fraudulent, the company will be glad to know about it so that they can launch an investigation and stop the perpetrator.

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