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Computer Dynamics & John Terry

A few weeks ago, a woman emailed me with questions about a "company" called Computer Dynamics and a man named John Terry. This is the message she sent to me:

I just saved your site as a favorite to find work at home jobs. I was working for a company that may be a scam and wondering if you heard of this company. It is Computer Dynamics and the person I was contacted by is John Terry. I received an email that he saw my resume on sites that I was looking for a job He wanted to do an interview with me via Yahoo IM. I sent him my screen name and we had an interview via Yahoo. He said that the job paid $40/hr and did not want me to work for another client. The hours are 9 - 4PM. I would received boxes, retape and Fed-Ex would pick them up. He sent me a Fed-Ex label via email I was promised my pay would be $3250 by the 25th and then was changed to the 30th. I am to log into Yahoo IM every morning at 9AM and receive an assignment to research. I have never talked to him.

Just checking if you have heard of this or not. I think it may be a scam according to some internet searches. I would be interested in your thoughts and possibly other members feedback.


Just based on what she told me, I believe this is a scam. First of all, it is extremely rare to get paid $40 an hour working from home unless you have some extremely specialized education, etc. What I suspect a person would be doing with this "company" is handling stolen and/or illegal items and would be breaking several laws. There are other red flags. For example, "real" jobs don't go out contacting random people. They don't have to! The "real" jobs are already inundated with resumes as it is.

There is a REAL, ACTUAL company called Computer Dynamics, but I'm pretty sure that's not the one that I've been contacted about.

I've found a forum where other people have been talking about "Computer Dynamics" and another fake company who seems to be running the same scam. You might find it interesting.

I hope this information is helpful to anyone who has been contacted by Computer Dynamics and/or John Terry.

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