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CM Marketing

I recently met a fellow work at home professional (we'll call her A.B) who had a bad experience with a company called CM Marketing. She felt like she should get the word out about her experience for those people who might be considering seeking a job with them. I would like to remind you that I do not personally have any experience with this company, and I am only passing on the words and opinions of someone else.

A.B had recently been hired for a full time position with a different company and was looking for an additional job that she could do part time. After job hunting for 3 - 4 months, she found a lead for CM Marketing on Work Place Like Home and WAHM. A.B. saw "testimonies" from other people who said that they worked for the company and that it was a good company to work for. The URL that she found for CM Marketing was http://cminh.net.

A.B. started working for CM Marketing on September 8, 2010. She obtained leads on October 21st and 22nd of 2010 and was expecting to be paid for them. By her calculation, she believes that CM Marketing owes her $80.00. She was under the understanding that by this time she should be working an hourly wage instead of commission, commission was to be for 30 days and if they decided to keep a worker past the 30 day mark then that worker would start to work for an hourly wage. A.B says this never happened.

On November 2nd, 2010, A.B. was contacted by the woman who hired her asking for verification of her address because checks were being mailed that afternoon. She informed A.B that they were having a conflict with one of the clients but that it wouldn't affect A.B. By the following Monday November 8th, 2010, A.B. had still not received her check.

After another inquiry, A.B. was told that the check had indeed been mailed and that she should be patient. Two days later A.B. received a phone call from a different person at the company to alert her that some information had been mixed up, her check hadn't been sent out and that he would send it out that day. By the end of the week, the check still had not shown, so A.B. contacted the company yet again on Monday November 15, 2010. She was given the explanation that the client was not paying them as agreed and that a lot of people were suffering because of this particular client. A.B. was informed that the company was working with a new and more efficient pay system. After reminding the company of the runaround she had been receiving, they began to change their story, claiming that the client had paid for some leads that were secured during the first week of the campaign and that since A.B. secured her leads during the 2nd week she would have to wait until the following payday. A.B. says that she has proof that this is a lie and that she did secure her leads during the first week of the campaign. She instructed the company to pay her via PayPal so that they could just end their relationship.

A.B. was then instructed to contact the owner of the company via Skype because she and her husband would have the final say about the situation. A.B. didn't have any Skype contact information for the owner and she informed the company representative to whom she was speaking of this. He told A.B. that he would contact the owner for her, only to recontact her minutes later to let her know the owner was unavailable via Skype. He informed A.B. that he would have the owner contact her as soon as possible.

A.B. was finally able to get in contact with the owner on November 17, 2010. She said that nobody at the company had informed her of the pay problem. Later that day, the owner recontacted A.B. to let her know of some holds that had been put on her check, supposedly because of some violations of company policy. However, A.B. insisted that she had proof that she had done everything correctly.

Later that same day, A.B. noticed that the threads looking for new workers was back up at the work at home websites. A.B. started her own thread on the forums warnings others of her experience. You can view one of them - here. One of the company representatives decided to enter the thread to dispute what happened. A.B. says that the rep also signed up with the website under two different screen names pretending to be other CM Marketing employees who were also disputing the claims. Finally, the owner of the website banned him and warned others of the company.

A.B. was finally contacted by the owner of CM Marketing on November 22, 2010. By this time, the owner was well aware of the thread on the work at home forum. She informed A.B. that starting that thread was a big mistake, she was holding her check in her hand at that very moment and that A.B. should just forget about it. The owner's husband also informed A.B. that she would not be paid at all.

A.B. feels that the main reason she wasn't paid was because she spoke out about the company in a public place. This may be the case, but this is not a good business practice. A.B. wished to use this avenue to help get her story out there, so I hope it helps someone!

Update 1/20/11 A.B. still has not been paid by CM Marketing.

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