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How to Search Craigslist for Work at Home Jobs

You may have noticed that this page has changed up a bit. I will no longer be posting Craigslist job posting here. However, I still view Craigslist as a valuable resource, so I encourage you to use it.

Here I will share my method for finding jobs on Craigslist; it helps to weed out some scams and you can search the entire site using Google.

This method can really be used to search any site, but here we are using it for Craigslist. To tell Google that it is only searching that site and not the entire internet, you will need to type this into the search box -


Second, any keywords you want it to search for need to go in front of the site like this, for example - "telecommuting is ok" site:craigslist.org. If you want to search for multiple search terms that are more than one word, I reccomend using quotations like this -

"data entry" "telecommuting is ok" site:craigslist.org

You can also search for postings made on a certain day. You would need to put the date last, like this -

"data entry" "telecommuting is ok" site:craigslist.org 2007-07-10

The four digit year is first, followed by the two digit month, and the two digit day, all separated by dashes.

The final thing I want to point out is after searching for something like the above example you may notice many of the same postings that appear to be scams. They are in your way, and you probably don't even want them included in your search. The trick here is to find a common word or term that they all use and include it with your search string but with a dash before it. This tells the search engine to exclude all listings that contain that word or term. One such ad that I saw one day was an obvious scam and every ad had the word outsourcing in it. So, I changed my search string like this -

"data entry" "telecommuting is ok" -outsourcing site:craigslist.org 2007-07-05.

I want to point out that this will not filter out all of the scams, but it should help. Play around with it a little, tweak it to your preferences, and good luck! There are a lot of scams posted on Craigslist, and although their staff is very careful to delete these, we all need to be careful to avoid them. In conclusion, I believe any "job" that requires a fee/deposit in order to make money is a scam. If you are unsure about something, sometimes it's best to play it safe and pass it by. Or, you can post about it on a message board, such as mine, wahm.com, or workplacelikehome.com. Many people are willing to help and give their opinions about the company/job/opportunity in question.

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