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E-Mail Greeting Card Scams

Unfortunately, with the advancement in technology we have in the world today, scam artists are always looking for new way to scam people out of their money and download damaging files onto computers.

As ecards gain popularity, this is a new threat everyone should be on the lookout for. Ecards are an inexpensive way to send greetings or well wishes to those they care about. As always, scammers are ready to exploit this!

One of the many scams that you need to be aware of is the greeting card scam. This will come as an email with a subject line that leads you to believe that someone has sent you an "ecard". DON'T click any links or attachments included in these emails. They will usually download a virus or other malicious software onto your computer immediately, unless your computer is very well protected. Your computer may begin to show you obscene images and adult websites, may send more of the bogus emails to those in your email contact list, or worse. As you can see in the image below, I received this email from a ".edu" email address. I do not know anyone with that email address, so that's a red flag. Next, the email is not professional in any way, another red flag. They didn't even bother to start the email with "Hello Sarah", or "Dear Card Recipient". Finally, the web address is strange - mostly numbers.

Be especially careful if the card doesn't address you by name or tell you who sent you the card. In addition, if a special event such as your birthday isn't approaching, this is a good sign that the "ecard" you received is a scam. These emails will ask you to click a link or download an attachment.

Please be aware that some scammer fraudulently use names of real greeting card companies to try to trick you into thinking the email is harmless. They may even use trademarked pictures or graphics from real greeting card company website to make you believe it's an actual, safe ecard. If you receive an email that you think might fraudulent, ask your friends and family member if they have recently sent you an ecard. If they didn't, just delete the email. If you clicked any links in the body of the email, scan your system for viruses immediately.

Here is a picture of an ecard email scam that I received. It wants me to visit this URL, but of course I'm not going to. If you get an email greeting card scam email, you can forward it to me and I'll take a screenshot of it for this page.

Picture of an Ecard Scam

Remember to be careful about any emails that you receive from an unknown sender. If you wish, you can file a complaint about fraudulent emails with IC3.org.

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