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The FTC's Quiz about Scams, Deals, and Financial Responsibility

I ran across this cute quiz on the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) website. It quizzes you on whether you can tell the difference between scams and the real deal and what good financial responsibility is. It even has some cute music and graphics to entertain you. I got every question correct...how do you think you will do? If you want to take the quiz ...

click here.

For those who don't know what the FTC really does, join the club. Some people don't even know what FTC stands for. I'm a little confused about everything they do myself; but what I do know is that I am constantly reporting scams/e-mails to them. According to the FTC website -

"The FTC deals with issues that touch the economic lives of most Americans.....When the FTC was created in 1914, its purpose was to prevent unfair methods of competition in commerce as part of the battle to �bust the trusts"...... In 1938, Congress passed a broad prohibition against �unfair and deceptive acts or practices.� Since then, the Commission also has been directed to administer a wide variety of other consumer protection laws, including the Telemarketing Sales Rule, the Pay-Per-Call Rule and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act......."

In short, the FTC enforces laws that prohibit dishonest, illegal, unfair, deceptive, and fraudulent business practices and provides information to help consumers spot, stop, and avoid them. However, we have to be an active part in this process by being educated about what is out there and how to keep our money safe. You can order free copies of the FTC's publications here. They are designed to help you. Be careful out there!

For the FTCs main site , FTC.gov click here.

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