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Make Money with Metacafe

I recently discovered the website Metacafe. It is a site much like Youtube; it has user submitted videos for you to watch. The big difference is that you can upload your own videos (that you have right to; you made yourself) and get paid based on how many times it is viewed! The current rate (as of 9/27/07) is $5 per 1000 views. I checked the highest earners list a few days ago, and the amount at the top was over $61,000. I checked it again today and it had moved up to over $62,000. That user has around 80 videos up and it seems like they are racking in the money. My dad and his wife have begun submitting their videos, and have made over $430 so far. Not too bad for a few minutes of video. I decided to jump in the action and make my own. My husband found a very large toad in our yard last weekend when he was doing yard work, so we let the kids play with it long enough to get a quick video. I hope you enjoy!

Children Chasing And Catching A Huge Toad. - Click here for this week�s top video clips

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