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Research on Financial Procurement Inc.

I thought it might help some people if I did some research on a company that claims to offer a work at home position so that I could show the red flags that I found. I came across this company, Financial Procurement Inc on a forum (if I'm remembering correctly) where someone was asking what other people though about them. So, I did some research. I attempted to look up:

* the Domain Registration

* the Contact Address

* and the Contact Telephone Number

I also exchanged emails with the contact person to see what he would say. Just as I thought, he didn't ask for my resume (what legitimate company doesn't do that!?) In addition, his grammar was lacking quite a bit. If you would like to read about my experience and research, please visit my page about Financial Procurement Inc.

If you have a company that you would like me to research for you, please send me an email at any time to sarah@homejobsformom.com

Also, check my blog again soon to read about my interaction with a person trying to suck people into a money laundering scam!

Thank you, have a nice day and be careful out there!

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