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Book Review: Bungalow 2 by Danielle Steel

I suppose some of you are going to find this more interesting than others. That's ok, though! I love to read; I always have. My husband really can't stand to read, never has. Well, except for his Runner's World magazine; that is the one thing he will read. So, I enjoy having friends who share my enthusiasm for a really good book.

I prefer novels. Romance novels and murder mysteries are my favorites. Or, if there is romance mixed into a murder mystery I'm really hooked! I nixed reading from my daily activities for quite some time and it really got me down. It's been a pleasurable hobby of mine for as long as I can remember. So, deciding that I deserved to do a bit more for myself, I took a trip to my local library. One of the books I got was Bungalow 2, by Danielle Steel. I love Danielle Steel and I've read all of the books that my library has from her. (This one was a New Arrival.) So, I thought I would share my opinions of books that I have read recently (the good ones anyway) because I personally love a good book recommendation.

So, in a short summary, Bungalow 2 is about a woman who reminds me much of myself. She takes care of her three children, household, and husband all the time. She doesn't really do too much for herself. She does work from home as a writer, but only during times that does not interfere with her family in any way. One day her agent calls with a job offer that she's really excited about but wants to turn down because two of her three children are still living in the house. Well, you'll just have to read the book to find out what her decision is and what happens as a result of it. It's a definate page turner. Betrayal, romance, glitz and glamour all grace the pages of this book and definately kept me a fan of Danielle Steel!

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