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Family Vacation in Alpine Texas

I don't know what sane person goes 18 months without a vacation. The last time my husband was able to take time off of work was that long ago, when we had the last baby. Anyway, we decided to take a trip down to Alpine, Texas with my mother to visit her mother, my grandmother. My children have never met her before, so we thought it might be fun. The trip didn't turn out quite as we had hoped, but we did get to see lots of beautiful scenery. The mountains out there are gorgeous. So beautiful, in fact, that I wanted to share them with you. Alpine is a small college town in West Texas. There really isn't much to do there, and shouldn't be considered a vacation destination. They have a nice little playground, and a few touristy shops, but that's about it. I posted this blog post in 2007, and my grandmother passed away in 2011. We went back to help my aunt clean out her apartment and deal with her belongings. I don't believe we are at all likely to to ever go back. One of the things I can say for the area is that it's beautiful. It's near the Davis Mountains, which makes for some beautiful scenery. I also noticed that bad weather can roll in in the blink of an eye. I walked from her apartment complex to the nearby park which was about 2 blocks away with the children. I noticed some rain clouds in the distance, so I packed up the kids and headed back. We barely made it back in time to beat the wind in rain!

One of the few things we did during our 2007 visit that the kids actually enjoyed was going to "Jack-assic Park" Basically, it consists of 4 donkeys and a gift shop. The children had fun pulling grass and feeding the donkeys at least. Isn't this donkey cute?

Does anyone know what this plant is? I thought it was neat looking.

Some scenery of the mountains. I'm not sure what mountain range these are a part of; maybe I should look that up!

This is a picture of some of the windmills out in West Texas. There seem to be hundreds out there. On the way to Alpine, we even saw some of the blades for these things being shipped on some huge trucks. I had no idea how big the blades for the windmills really are!

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