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Changes! We're Home Schooling!

Wow! So many changes have been happening in our family recently. A couple of months before the 2010-2011 school year ended, my husband and I decided that it would be best if we began to home school our children. Our plan was to let them finish their current school year, buy books and supplies a little at a time and then begin the 2011-2012 school year after our family vacation in June. Our plan went Ö well Ö just as planned and we have been home schooling since June 20th. We are nearly two months into it and we are starting to get into some sort of a routine now.

As it happens, the week after we began home schooling my husband started a new position at his job which requires him to go to work at 10 a.m. and then he gets home around 10 p.m. This makes our schedule quite interesting. Because Daddy is home in the mornings, we have to have our family time then so lessons begin later and also end later. We are growing accustomed, though. And, thankfully, all of the children say they love learning at home with me much better than public school!

With our new schedule I have some quite time to myself after the kids are put to bed and before my husband gets home from work. As a result I have been working on Home Jobs for Mom more often and I am so glad! I am also scheduled to start working with my seasonal data entry job in a monthís time. Iím not quite sure how I will manage this odd schedule, home schooling three children and two jobs but I will manage somehow!

With four children, it is sometimes a little tricky to find a way to get some one-one-one time with each one. My husband and I recently set up a new one-on-one time schedule with the kids. Each week, one child will get to go out to eat for breakfast with one parent. So each child (we havenít started this with the baby yet; only the older three) will get some one on one time with a parent for an hour once every three weeks. This means no interruptions, no siblings, just him/her and Mom or Dad. They are loving it so far! This morning I took my oldest son to the donut shop, we took our food to go, ate at a picnic table at the park and then took a walk together along the river. Iím so happy that home schooling, paired with my husbandís new work schedule will allow us to continue this.

What I find interesting about home schooling is that my relationship with my children is so much better, even after only two months. Before, much of our relationship was ďGet up, get dressed, stop that, letís go, welcome home, do homework, eat dinner, brush teeth, goodnight, go to bed. I SAID GO TO BED!!!Ē Repeat. Repeat. Things are no longer rush, rush, rush all day. I get to sit down and read with them. We can play games together. We can drop everything to go explore a museum! We can watch videos about sharks, squid, bot flies or whatever sparks their interest that day. My first and foremost goal this year is to relight that curiosity that children are born with - the hunger to learn new things! Public school nearly killed it in my older two children. Sorry, but itís true! They began to equate learning with tests, tests and more tests! They were beginning to forget that learning new things is FUN. Or, at least, it can be with the right environment and attitude. My heart and soul feel more at peace now that my precious babies are at home with me and I know that this new adventure we call home schooling is going be a wild ride!

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