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Uses for your old newspaper.

I was watching the news this morning and they were talking about how "worth it" it is to recycle different materials. They said that newspaper is very expensive to recycle, and the process used is not so great on the environment. They really tried to stress the importance of reducing and reusing in addition to recycling. So, I thought I would gather some good uses for your newspaper after you are done with it.

1. Line flower beds with newspaper to help cut down on weeds.

2. If you have a paper shredder you can shred it to use as packing material.

3. Lay on top of plastic for a puppy piddle pad.

4. Clean windows with it.

5. Use the comics to wrap presents.

6. Animal shelters and vets often use a lot of newspaper as well; you can see if they could use some.

7. Use it to help start fires in your BBQ pit.

8. Line your table with it before kids start on a messy craft.

9. Line your fridge fruit/vegetable drawers with it to keep down moisture/smell.

10. Lay on car seats if your children are wet or muddy to keep them dry. We all know what a pain it can be to clean those car seats!

11. Cover windows when paint spraying your house.

12. Newspaper is a great insulator. Stuff in cracks, under doors etc to cut down on drafts.

13. Use comics as a wallpaper for a doll house.

14. Let the kids color and draw on the comics to keep them busy for a bit.

15. Cover plants during a frost.

16. Line bottom of bird cage.

17. Use for packing breakable items for moving, etc.

18. To help fruit ripen quickly, wrap in newspaper for a day.

19. Shredded newspaper can work as cat box filler in a pinch.

20. Donate to other people who may enjoy reading the paper such as a retirement home, hospital waiting room, etc.

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