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Signs you are a Work at Home Mom

1. You sometimes have breakfast foods for dinner, or dinner leftovers for breakfast. Cold pizza anyone?

2. You inwardly roll your eyes whenever anyone asks for you to volunteer your time for ANYTHING. You hardly have time to take a shower; what are they thinking?

3. Your family gets all of their clean laundry out of a laundry basket instead of their dresser drawers.

4. Baking anything always involves some sort of box.

5. Instead of asking "What are we having for dinner?" they what to know "Where are we going to get dinner?" or "Who is delivering?"

6. You frequently resort to bribery; ie. "If you can just be quiet for 30 more minutes we'll go get a sno-cone/go to the park/read a book together etc."

7. The first thing you do in the morning is start the coffee pot. The first thing you do after lunch is start the coffee pot ... again.

8. You have a group of online friends, probably on a forum, that you chat with nearly every day.

9. If one more person asks you how that "work at home thing is going" you will scream. Really.

10. You think all of this is worth it to be able to stay home with your precious children!

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