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My Husband and I are both Self-Employed

This blog entry is more of a story about recent events that have transpired in my family's lives. Back in January of 2008, my husband began to have pain in one side of his bottom. Because he's an avid runner, and was training for a marathon at the time, he thought he'd pulled a muscle. When it failed to improve, he had an x-ray taken at the local clinic and began to visit a Chiropractor. When his pain only continued to worsen to the point he had sciatica pain in his leg and couldn't sit down because of the pain, he finally had an MRI done. The test showed that he has a herniated disk. This is when our lives really began to change. It quickly became apparent that Benny could not continue working at his current job, which was delivering hundreds of cases of beer to local stores. That job had most likely caused his injury and would only make it worse with time. Benny's employer let him take off work and use his sick days. During this time, he thought about what he should do next.

Finally, about much thinking and praying, we decided that he should quit his job and start his own business so that he could take time off from work should he need it. This was a very difficult decision, but after reading an article titled "10 Reasons Why You Should Never Get a Job." we decided it was the best thing to do and there was no time like the present. Benny enjoys working outside, and decided to start a lawn mowing business. We bought a riding lawnmower, a hedge trimmer, a chain saw and a trailer to add to the equipment we already own, and he began asking houses that he sees around town who need yard work done. Many of them say yes and hire him on the spot.

As of Friday, June 27th, my husband and I are both self employed and it is a very liberating feeling; albeit scary at times. Part of my work is freelance, but I consider myself self employed and of course I still work from home, which is great!

I find it very interesting how something that seems so horrible (a herniated disk) has the ability to change our lives for the better! Benny probably wouldn't have ever quit his job with the beer distributorship because it's a very stable job, even if the economy goes bad. However, he has always wanted to start his own lawn care business and what looks like a horrible occurrence changed everything for the best.

To close up, I want to share something that happened one day when Benny was looking for work. He saw a yard that needed care. He said a prayer, asking God to once again show him a sign that starting this business was the right thing to do. He knocked at the door and asked the woman who answered if she needed any yard work done. You'll never guess what she said - "Why, yes I do! Son, you are an answered prayer! I've been praying to find someone to take care of the yard for me." Benny replied "I'm glad to hear that. Ma'am, you're an answered prayer for me too!"

I hope everyone of you that wants to find a work at home job or start a business finds great success and happiness in all of your ventures.

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