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Work at Home Kitty

While I was working a few days ago, my cat Andy was being very lovey and walking all over my desk. It did not matter what I did, he was determined to get my attention away from the computer and instead fixed squarely on him! He was absolutely competing for attention with my computer screen. Don't cats always know how to pester you until you take the time to love on them a bit? He also knocked the mouse onto the floor because he's just bigger than he thinks he is, which makes him very clumsy.

Anyway, I thought I would share this picture of him; because how many people have a cat on their desk at work? I'm a lucky girl to be able to stay at home and work while I keep my children nearby! I know it helps make my work day easier, while it relieves me of some stress when I take a break to pet one of the cats. I believe I read somewhere that someone conducted a study that proves that pets reduce stress levels in their owners. I just think that is amazing and very true! Who can resist a soft, loving animal?

This cat was attacked by a pit bull that came into our yard a couple of months ago. Luckily, he's tough (and lucky!) and only needed a few stitches on one leg. Because of that incident, we made the decision to install a fence around our back yard to keep the children safe. It was a large expense, and a huge project, but it was worth it and I have never regretted it.

We've had this cat since I was pregnant with our oldest child; he's definitely a part of the family! When he was a kitten, he loved to cuddle and sleep with me while I was pregnant. At the time, I could only sleep laying on my side because of my large belly, so he would curl up and get comfortable perched on the side of my hip. It was my favorite spot. I remember one evening I thought he should have a flea collar. I put it on him, but it smelled so strongly I didn't think that he should be too close to me. The chemicals made me nervous. So, I went to bed with him shut out of my room. He sat there the hallway and meowed so pitifully, I had no choice but to get up, remove the collar, bathe him, and bring him back to bed with me. What a spoiled little thing!

Update - Andy became ill with skin cancer, and eventually had to be sent over the rainbow bridge. It was all over his face and ears, and I suspect eventually spread to his organs because he began to lose some weight and just sleep all day. At that time, we sadly made the decision to let him go. According to our veterinarian, light-haired cats are more susceptible to skin cancer than darker colors, and he did love to sit out in the sun. I suppose that's what caused it. We miss him very much. It's hard, but try to keep your light-colored kitties inside as much as possible!

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