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For Your Amusement ... Tongue in Cheek Parody of a Scam Job

Ok, this blog is simply for your amusement, to make you laugh or at least smile! As you may know, I offer free advertising on my website for people who work at home selling a product or service. A lot of people try to get me to advertise their scam "job" instead. Of course I don't post those. Anyway, a family member of mine sent me an email this morning with a fake request for a free ad. The purpose of this email was just to be silly, and I asked if I could share it, because it actually has a ring of truth to it. Enjoy!


Here's my business:

Sell your thingy for free, and make money! Yes, you can give away almost anything, for a profit! All you need is some useful thingy that you can create for nothing or almost nothing, like an ebook or a couple of pieces of paper with some scheme printed on it. Build a web page extolling the virtues of your great advice or whatever, and offer it for FREE to anyone interested. Remember to charge $1.95 shipping, that's where you make your money! If you keep the weight you mail under an ounce, you pay only 42 cents postage, so you get to keep $1.53 for each one you mail!! If you can email it, so your postage is zero, you keep the entire $1.95!! You can even offer a "double money back guarantee", since the price is zero, this guarantee costs you nothing!

For comprehensive details on how to set this up, design your web page, advertise, and start raking in the money, just send me your address with $1.95 for shipping and handling and it will be in your greedy, lazy hands in no time, for FREE!

Send your $1.95 to


173 Yellowbrick Road

Screwed, Texas

Thank you, Sarah!


Whatever you do, DON'T actually mail money to this address; it's fake. There are actually a lot of "companies" out there that operate pretty much like this. They say they will send you materials with details about how to get your business started if you'll just pay their fee or postage cost. Prime example of why you should never pay to get a job, huh?

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