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Valentine's Day, Grocery Shopping and Microfiber!

I was so busy yesterday I hardly got anything done. The whole day I all I did was run around. I went to the Valentine's Day party at school with my little girl's Pre-K class. It was so cute, they had some fun crafts planned. My favorite was the little Valentine's card they could decorate and then write in. The inside of the card said Dear_______, You make me feel so loved when______________. Love, ________ My daughter (Clare), made the card for her Daddy, and she said that he makes her feel so loved when he tickles her. Isn't that precious?! He just loved it of course.

So, after lunch I had to do grocery shopping. I really dislike grocery shopping. It's crazy doing it with three kids to begin with, but try going on Valentine's Day at Super-WalMart with a hundred men and women trying to figure out what to buy so they don't get in big trouble when they get home. It was just nuts. I finally got out of there $166 later. I'm so glad that it is done until next week! I used to shop for an entire month at a time, but I just can't do that anymore; I would have to have two shopping carts; and about 2 more arms.

Now, I'm going to get off topic here, but I don't want to think about work. Although, what I'm going to tell you about does make my life easier, which does help out since I'm so busy to begin with. Ok, here goes, don't think I'm crazy ok? I love my couch, so much I'm going to sit here and tell you about it. A couple of years ago, I decided that we just HAD TO HAVE new living room furniture. For the next year or so, we thought about what we wanted. The biggest problem with what we had was that it was stained from having kids. So, we decided to buy leather, because at least we could just wipe off anything that was spilled on it. When we finally had the money to go to the furniture store, we first looked at the leather furniture. I have to admit is was more expensive that I thought it was going to be. Then, a salesman came over to ask us what we looking for etc etc. We explained that we needed something durable as our children's number one goal in life seems to be to ruin any and all furniture that dares to enter our home. This is when he tells us..."Oh, you don't want leather, you want Microfiber!!" Of course we wanted to know what was so great about Microfiber. "Well", he explained "Anything will just wipe right off with a wet washcloth!" He promised it would be perfect. So, we bought it, in a nice dark brown color. In case you are wondering, almost $900 for a couch and a chair. To make a long story short, I will tell you I recommend this stuff to EVERYONE! My children have written on it with ink pen and crayon, both of which came right out. I have also managed to remove dried yogurt, dried chocolate, remnants of the baby's episode with the stomach flu, and really, just about any kind of food you could imagine, even a sticky sucker. A friend of mine has the same furniture, and she says the only thing she has been unable to remove is mustard. Well, the other night I went into the living room to watch a movie, and saw something green on the couch, in at least 4 different places. Upon a quick inspection of the room, I discovered my basket of craft paints over in the corner. Yep, the kids got green craft paint on my couch. I was SO MAD, until I went to go wipe it off, and it just came off as easy as you please! I still can't believe it. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about this fabulous furniture, because I just love it. We have had it for about a year, and it still looks brand new, and I believe anyone with children should give it a try. Ok, I'll stop now; it's time to go get Clare from school!

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