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Amazon Mechanical Turk, Website Traffic, and being a Work at Home Mom

So now I'm thinking that this Amazon Mechanical Turk thing is no good. I STILL have not been approved for the work I did yesterday, and even if I do get approved, I'll earn a whopping 10 cents for the two jobs I did; which took me about 15 minutes each. Hardly worth my time I think. I have heard of people, though, who were able to land some of the higher paying ones. I'm making waaaay more money with ChaCha, so I'll stick to that I suppose.

Yesterday my website barely got any traffic at all. I don't know why, but it ruined my mood for the whole day. I am one of the most impatient people you will ever meet, and I want this site to take off and be successful NOW, not later. The first half of yesterday was great! I got so much work done, I was in a good mood, etc etc. As soon as I got home from picking up my daughter from Pre-K, we cleaned her room together. I even made a game out of it! We had a nice lunch with Daddy. I worked for a little while longer and then it was time to go to gymnastics. We were even on time, which never happens! I was VERY proud of myself, in case you couldn't tell! Well, it all went downhill from there of course, it always does. I promised the kids I would take them outside to play; maybe go on a walk even. Then the baby fell asleep. So we waited and waited and waited for him to wake up...only he didn't wake up until after dark. I spent the ENTIRE afternoon advertising this site here and there. I also got my forum posting done. By the end of the day I was so frustrated with my lack of income for the day, I added a bunch of campaigns to post in. So, now I have EVEN MORE work to do now. Last night, I didn't get dinner on the table until 7:30 pm, which was exactly what I promised myself I wouldn't do. My husband came home to me yelling at the kids to clean up the mess they made in the living room (again). Yeah, yelling was something else I promised I wouldn't do. However, today is a new day; everything going quite smoothly so far. I've already made twice as much money today as I did yesterday. That's not saying much; I only made 23 cents yesterday. But hey, it's still something right??

Oh my goodness!! I haven't been so frustrated in a LONG time! I was trying to make an addition to the home page. Well, really, it's something that I plan on adding to every page, but I started with the home page. It's a box with the instructions on how to get signed up for our newsletter. Well, I don't know WHAT I did wrong, but I had text overlapping and everything was in the wrong place. It was bad. I was going to get off of the computer earlier than usual today, but obviously I had to fix that! It doesn't look at good as I wanted it to.

I'm excited because tomorrow my little girl's Pre-K class is having their Valentine Party. Isn't that just so precious?!?! I'm so glad that I'm a WAHM because that means I get to go, and I don't have to beg a boss for permission! I just love it. Well, I'm going to sign off now. It's time to straighten up the house. It looks like my husband will be able to get off of work a little earlier than usual, so I'm going to try to have dinner done so we can relax and watch a movie tonight! I hope everyone has a sweet Valentine's Day tomorrow!

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