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Healthier Eating, ChaCha, and Amazon Mechanical Turk

Good morning!

Yuck, Monday. I usually have such a problem dragging myself over to the computer on Mondays to work, but for some reason I just jumped right in today. I wanted to tell you what I did yesterday. You know I've made the resolution to help my family to be healthier, and I made a baby step yesterday. My family is hopelessly addicted to ice cream. My kids love to have it after dinner nearly every night. I can't really say I blame them. So, I went to the store yesterday and bought frozen yogurt instead on ice cream. It has zero fat, which I really like, and huge pieces of strawberries. However, I noticed it has more salt than ice cream, but I think it's definitely a better choice than ice cream. I know, you're probably thinking, "Why give them a dessert like this anyway? What's wrong with an apple?" Well, nothing - I just want to break them in slow. And I'm going to miss the ice cream too to be honest with you! Anyway, I'm so proud of myself, I've already started the job leads page for today. Yesterday I began adding a category to the forums for you to meet other people from your state! I only have about half the states added though, so I need to finish that today. Also, I think I'm going to start working on ChaCha more. I sure do miss the money I was making with them! I've been receiving a lot of questions about my experiences with different survey companies, I hope to have time to take a couple of surveys today. And, last but not least, I will do my forum posting for the day. I had to sign up for some more campaigns because this morning I only had two. That just won't cut it.

I am so excited! I just ran across this new job lead that I've never heard of before - Amazon Mechanical Turk The job is basically performing small tasks that a computer program cannot do. For example, I just did my first HIT, or Human Intelligence Task, which consisted of 50 pictures of a road, and I had to identify the lamp posts in each picture. I believe the pay was $0.05 per picture, so if it is approved, my earnings should be $2.50. I'll let you know whether the job I did was approved and whether I was paid or not! I'm very excited about this one. It's nice and easy!

UPDATE: Ok, so now I'm not so excited about this Amazon thing. I've heard it being compared to an "internet sweat shop". I didn't say that was my opinion, just stating what I've read elsewhere! So, I'm wondering, if I will really only be paid $0.05 for the entire picture thing and not $0.05 per picture. It's still pending...so I guess I will have to wait and see!

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