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Conscious Parenting — Coming Into Relationship with Your Prenatal Child

Tera Judell contacted me about her research about Conscious Parenting and the idea that parenting begins when you get pregnant, not when your child is born. The things she had to say were very intriguing and I thought you might think so too. So, I wanted to share some of what she has to say on the subject with you! ~ Sarah

Most people have heard about the positive effects on a child in the womb when the mother has played nothing but soothing Mozart concertos during her pregnancy. On the other hand, we’ve also heard about the negative impacts on a fetus as a result of a mother’s very high stress or constant anger.

Science has in fact proved that during pregnancy, a baby communicates directly with its mother. Yet the practice of supporting women to actively come into relationship with their prenatal child in a positive way — to begin conscious parenting from the time of inception — is a relatively new field of therapy and one that is basically unrecognized by the medical profession.

Which is sad, considering that conscious parenting — hearing and respecting the voice of the prenatal child — has the potential for greatly enhancing the lives of our children today and for generations to come.

When a baby is conceived, it merges with its mother to ensure its own survival. What the mother goes through, the baby also experiences. In addition, the little one will do everything it can in its own way to protect its mother, in order to insure its own survival.

For example, if the mother is overwhelmed for any reason during her pregnancy and becomes "frozen" in her emotions or sense of self, it is highly likely that her little one will also occupy what we call a "freeze state." The baby will literally stop moving. Similarly, when a mother is happy and content during pregnancy, there is a settling within the womb and the prenate can relax.

A skilled conscious-parenting practitioner can intervene during pregnancy (or even earlier) so that the child's negative emotional experiences in the womb are not transferred forward after birth, while the opportunity for positive emotional experiences in the womb is enhanced.

Conscious parenting can be learned by anyone with a desire to understand and practice the process. By bringing children into the world with a sense of their own security, safety and connection to those who love them, conscious parenting has the farther-reaching impact of reducing violent behavior in individuals and on our streets.

For more information about conscious parenting, including information on workshops and trainings, please send an email to judelltera@gmail.com. She maintains a private practice in New York City and Santa Fe, N.M.

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