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Information You MUST Know About Work at Home Assembly Jobs

One area in the work at home job field that has become very controversial, along with surveys and mystery shopping, is assembly jobs. Many people feel that these type of opportunities are out-right scams all the time. However, as with surveys and mystery shopping, there are scams left and right but you can find the legitimate companies and opportunities. They are out there! You just have to know what to look for and where to look.

As I just mentioned, unfortunately, most assembly jobs that you come across are scams. Their one and only goal is to defraud you in order to make money. The way these companies work is that they will first tell you to send them some money - maybe $20 to $50 or so. In return, they will send you a kit. The kit will have supplies and instructions in it. The supplies will be poor-quality. The reason behind this is that they are never planning on selling these items. They already have what they want - your money!

They will say when you have completed the work, you will need to mail it back to them and then they will pay you for the "accepted" work. While most companies will reject all of your work right off the bat, some will actually pay you for your first shipment. This is to get you all excited so that you will run to the bank to cash your check and order more supplies - lots more! Then, they will start to reject your next shipments. They will give you any reason at all why it is not acceptable. They do not really need you to make the stuff anyway since they already have what they want - your money!

Watch out for a 100% satisfaction guarantee or any other guarantee. The fine print will usually say something like - you get half your money back if the supplies are in new condition. Except they will not be in new condition after you use them to try to put together these little crappy dinky things now will they!?

However, do not get discouraged. There are two work at home assembly companies who I have heard are legit. They are and The Disciple"s Cross. There is a thread at WAHM where people who work for New England Crafters discuss their work. Now, I am not saying that these companies are legit. I have not worked for them and I do not know this for sure. I have seen multiple places on the internet where people have said that they have been paid - multiple times! Do your research first.

Now, let's consider alternatives to assembly companies like the ones above! Consider visiting local craft fairs. Some people who make things to sell at craft fairs might be looking for some help. Introduce yourself and explain that you "help crafters meet deadlines". Do not say that you are looking for a work at home assembly job. This indicates that you have no experience. Sometimes, home based event planners such as wedding planners need help assembling personalized objects or decorations. You never know what they might need, so just ask! Finally, contact nearby factories who use small objects in their finished product. Sometimes these types of companies hire home-based workers to finish up a product. Make sure that you mention the word "freelance" and not the term "work at home". It sounds more professional. Use your imagination and put yourself out there!

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